5 Tech Tips

1. Everyone isn’t who they appear to be. The internet and social media apps are filled with people pretending to be someone they’re not. An individual you’ve only interacted with via technology could easily be putting on an act meant to deceive you. There are definitely dangerous people out there, so play it safe!

2. Sending something to just 1 or 2 friends doesn’t guarantee that they are the only ones who will ever see it. Sometimes things malfunction and pictures are leaked. In addition, it’s easy for someone to save or screenshot a message you send them, enabling them to pass it on. In other words, think twice before you hit send!

3. Inappropriate content is readily available, even when you least expect it. Just because you aren’t searching for stuff you shouldn’t see doesn’t mean that it won’t pop up. Remain attentive when it comes to guarding your eyes from things you’d be better off without viewing!

4. Not every app you download will automatically be safe and beneficial. There are apps out there that weren’t created with positive intentions – apps which may even encourage behavior that comes with serious consequences. Before you download an app, find out what it’s about and if anything seems fishy, don’t continue with it!

5. Look into a challenge before accepting it, even if you were nominated by a friend you trust. Some challenges are silly or meant solely to be fun. There’s far more to others, however, than meets the eye. Make sure you really look into a what a challenge is about before taking it on, and NEVER accept a challenge that makes you feel uncomfortable or requires you to do something harmful. If things take a turn for the worse, ditch the challenge immediately and GET HELP!





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