A Foolproof Way to Avoid Humiliation (2)

No one enjoys being humiliated – that feeling you get when something super embarrassing happens, and you wish you could just crawl under a rock. However much we may try to avoid it, we all find ourselves in situations that make us wish we could disappear (some of us more often than others)!Whether it’s something humorous like tripping over your own feet or a more serious, painful problem to which you’re not sure how to respond, it’s easy to consider ourselves mere victims of circumstance. After all, we didn’t ask to be humiliated, and if it was something beyond our control, how were we supposed to prevent it? Our only choice seems to be to lay low for the time being, and wait for the situation to blow over.

What if I told you that there IS another option – that I know of a way that you could avoid humiliation from this point forward? Think that isn’t possible? Let’s start by looking at the definition of being humiliated – being made to feel ashamed, as if you’re foolish, because your sense of dignity and worth was damaged, often publically. According to this definition, humiliation stems from a damaged sense of self-worth. Often we allow the opinions of others to determine how valuable we consider ourselves to be. The problem? Public opinion is extremely fickle! If we base our identity off of what others have to say about us, we’ll never be sure whether or not we have any real significance. If, however, we could find something solid and unshakeable to base our sense of worth off of, that problem would be solved!

The good news is that there IS a solid foundation off of which to base our identity, which will continually inspire confidence within us – our Savior! We are in Him (2 Cor 5:17), and therefore are as He is (1 Jn 4:17) – righteous, holy, blameless, blessed, favored, and deeply loved by our Heavenly Father! Because He’s unchanging (Heb 13:8), so is our identity when we choose to find it in Him!

No one and nothing can force humiliation upon you. Being humiliated truly is a choice of who and what you’re going to allow to define you – the opinions of others, or Christ and who you are in Him. Choose correctly, keep your focus in the right place, and you’ll successfully avoid humiliation!


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