(I did receive a free The Bigger Picture cd from the group. However, the view expressed in this article are my own unbiased opinion.)

Adelaide’s latest album, entitled The Bigger Picture, contains a variety of musical influences, including pop, rock, and some more acoustic elements. This, combined with the unique depth and range of Adelaide’s voice, gives the group a distinctive sound that causes them to stand out from the crowd. Vocals take center stage in many of the songs. Some of the songs are heavier on piano, while others are driven by the electric guitar. The electric guitar also fills in the songs that are piano-focused with fun, complimentary leads. The album shares the message that though life may not always go the way we would like it to, God is always there for us and will never leave us on our own!

“Unforsaken” informs us that while the world around us may be dark, we’re set apart, and have been sent on a mission to spread the gospel. “Break the Silence” continues this theme by reminding us that there are many people out there who are desperately longing for the good news we’ve discovered, and that it’s our responsibility to share that news instead of keeping to ourselves. “No Regrets” contains a similar message – that the best thing we can do is choose to live for God in a way that will leave us with no regrets further down the road.

Adelaide’s unique sound and musical prowess make for a winning combination that’s well worth listening to. Their message of God’s unchanging presence in each of our lives and the necessity of sticking close to Him will encourage their fans as they go about their daily lives. Check out The Bigger Picture by Adelaide today!


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