Thank you for your interest in advertising with Generation Arise!

The goal of Generation Arise is to encourage young people to arise and shine for Christ, and  to grow closer to their Heavenly Father. Generation Arise loves to partner with those whose business or products are working towards this as well! If you think what you’re looking to advertise would encourage young people in their faith, take a look at our media kit, which can be downloaded below for more info on what Generation Arise is all about, and on advertising with us. If you decide that you would like to move ahead with advertising with Generation Arise, be sure to contact us at, or through our contact form, and we will work together to put together an advertising plan that’s right for you!

If you would like to promote Generation Arise on your own website, contact at the email address mentioned above, or through our contact form, and we will send you photos and banners to include on your site or social media page.

Generation Arise Press Kit