bread of stone

(I did receive several free copies of the album from the group. However, the view and opinions expressed i this article are my own unbiased opinion.)

Bread of Stone’s latest album, Hold the Light, is a project filled with great musical diversity. Though dominated by pop and rock styles, country, rap, and even worshipful influences are mixed in, producing a unique “musical stew” where all of the ingredients blend well together, compliment each other, and offer something for everyone! This quality is demonstrated not only in the album at large, but also within individual songs, attesting to the group’s mastery of various styles, and expertise in combining them in a creative way that’s fun to listen to! Additional artists featured in the album include Manafest, Beacon Light, and a special treat for all Superchick fans – Tricia Brock and Matt Dally (almost like a mini Superchick reunion)!

The album features fun, upbeat songs that are perfect to dance along with – on-trend tunes with a  positive, godly message designed to encourage you in your faith! “I’m Not Afraid” reminds us to shine God’s light and follow His leading, free from fear and all that would hold us back. “Start Over: offers an invitation for everyone everywhere to step into the new life God has for them. “Sing Hallelujah” and “With All of My Heart” focus on praise and surrendering to Him, making them great songs for worshiping our Heavenly Father! “Parachute,” “Battleground,” and “The Change” have a rock feel that fans of more hardcore music will love. (As an added bonus, all three also include rap sections!)

Point in case? The album really is a melting pop of all different kinds of musical styles and techniques! The result is a polished, professional, fresh sound that takes serious talent to pull off effectively – and Bread of Stone proves themselves more than up to the challenge! If you haven’t yet heard their latest album, Hold the Light, make sure you listen to it today!


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