capital kings interview
See what Cole Walowac of Capital Kings has to say about how the group got its name, his favorite song they’ve produced recently, interesting facts about the group, and more!
How did you get started in the Christian music biz?
“We started out doing remixes for other artists like TobyMac, Britt Nicole, etc. . . . We wanted to be introduced as EDM producers first and then show people that we were artists, as well.
How did you choose the name “Capital Kings?” What’s the meaning behind the name?
“We came up with the name because I’m from Capital, Washington DC, and we thought ‘kings’ sounded cool.”
What inspires you in songwriting? How would you describe your style of music?
“We are inspired by so many things, personal experiences being the main reason we write our music, but we are also very inspired by the places we travel to when playing shows, the people we meet, and our faith. Our music is electronic dance music, but with pop added in. We like to do heavier tracks all the way to songs that can be played on the radio.”
What’s the main idea behind your latest album? What do you hope listeners will take away from it?
“We have been releasing singles rather than an album the past year. Music has changed so much, it is hard to stay relevant when you put out songs that are a year old. We decided that putting out singles on a regular basis would keep our fans engaged, and would be a more fun way to release new content. We always hope people feel something from our music. We like to leave people feeling inspired.”

Which of your recent songs means the most to you, and why? Can you share the story behind it?
“One of our favorite songs we’ve released is our newest single, ‘Don’t Wanna Wake Up.” Musically, its my favorite track I’ve ever produced. The meaning behind the song is Dylan and I have both recently gotten married, and we wanted to describe the feeling of being in love, and how we both are in a very special moment in our lives . . . a very good moment that we wanted to remember. We felt people would appreciate the words of this song because we’ve all been in situations or periods of life where we didn’t want the moment to end.”
Any fun, interesting, or little-known facts about Capital Kings? Any preshow routines or rituals?
“We like sunflower seeds and fashion.”

Can you describe the process of putting songs together, from writing to promoting the finished product?
“A lot goes into making the music, especially for us. We write, record, and produce almost all of our music, so a lot of time is put into these songs at our studio. We are perfectionists, which a lot of times makes it hard, but we want the music to be the best it can be. We believe in what we do, and care a lot about the music.”

Does the music we listen to actually impact us? Are the lyrics really a big deal? Why or why not?
“I think everything we do impacts us, whether we realize it or not. We have to be aware of what we surround ourselves with.”
If you could change one thing about today’s culture, what would it be? Any advice for this generation?
“I think it would just be to love others the best you can. There’s so much negativity and hate in the would we live in, and if we can just show people love, I think it can go a long way.”


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