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Can you share a little bit of the story behind your latest single, “The Cross Has the Final Word?”

“That’s a great song! That song came to us by a youth group leader, a friend of ours, but the verse just wasn’t there. The chorus was great, the verse wasn’t quite there. So on kind of a whim, we said, “Well gosh man, let’s give Peter – ’cause Peter’s a great songwriter – Let’s give Peter a call, and see what he can do. I mean maybe he can, maybe he can’t.” So he came up with this great verse for “The Cross Has the Final Word.” So then we thought, “Well gosh man, if you wrote the thing, why don’t you sing it?” So we got him to sing on that song, and of course Michael as well, so it’s kind of a nice point of connection between the old and the new. I think a lot of people – it’s really good to hear Peter on a song again, on a Newsboys song. It’s kind of a nice moment – it’ been long enough now that we’ve established ourselves as 2.0, but I think for a lot of people that had been with us for years, it’s really nice for them to hear Peter’s voice on a Newsboys track again. It’s real fun, and he’s a great mate! Of course we’ve got a lot of history, and so it’s real kind of a nice moment in Newsboys’ career where we can do this, so we’re stoked!”

I’ve heard rumors about God’s Not Dead 3, and it seemed like the second movie set it up pretty well for that, is that something that you’d be able confirm or deny, or speak to yet?

“We cannot confirm nor deny that there WILL be a third movie in the God’s Not Dead trilogy! We can’t confirm or deny that. It’ll hit you in a second! We’re still kind of writing. We’ve got a lot of ideas of where that’s gonna go. There’s so many ways it could go, but there again it’s like writing a song – you want it to be the best possible scenario, so we’re working towards that, and everyone’s got their opinion. Making a movie;s like writing a song. It’s never about one person. It’s all about this team effort that comes together, so it takes a minute to get the script  – to get not only the plot, but to get the script writing done, and to come up with a script that works for everyone. I think we’re kind of aiming for next year. So we’ll see. That’ll hit the theaters again, maybe first quarter next year. We’ll see.”





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