Duncan Newsboys

What would you say has been the secret to Newsboys’ longevity and continued success over the years?

“Obviously, it’s getting on with each other. It’s like a marriage of sorts – you either get on, or you don’t. Sometimes you’ve gotta work at it a little harder, but I think, too, it’s the music. You can be the best band in the world, but if you ain’t got the songs, people are not gonna come and see it. At the end of the day, I’m sorry, but people want to hear those songs that connect with them on a heart level. We’ve been very fortunate to be able to have those songs that people have connected with, and I don’t take those for granted, because look – if everyone could do it, everyone would have hit songs, but they don’t. I think you’ve got to be aware of what’s happening around you at the time. You know what I’m saying? Be aware of kind of the music. But then you don’t wanna become the fad, because when the fad dies, you’ll die too. So you want to be kind of aware, taking little bits of it, but still remain who you are as a band. And I’m very proud of the fact that from the early Newsboys, or even today, when you hear a Newsboys song, it still sounds like Newsboys. There is a Newsboys 2.0 sound that kind of got fostered out of Newsboys 1.0. You’re always growing. You can never rest on the laurels of your last project. You’ve always gotta be striving to create better art, because that is a part of it. I mean that yes, we sing about the best reason to sing about, but still, the art of the song has still got to be there, You can have twenty-five “Jesus” in a song, but if it’s a horrible song, it’s still a horrible song. I think we’ve really tried to obviously do both – something that kids want to hear, that people want to hear, but obviously fill it with as much quality subject matter as we can.”

Duncan on his first show with the group – “I kind of grew up with the boys. I joined in ’93, so that is 24 years, right? My first show with the band was in the Creation Festival crowd. Back in the day there was like 60,000 people. That was a massive crowd, and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven! What was funny – I was so kind of concentrated on what I was playing, I really didn’t notice the people! It’s a lot of water under the bridge, so to speak. In some ways, it seems like a lifetime ago, but in other ways, it seems like it was just yesterday that we got started going. I remember some of the first rehearsals the band ever hand. I was there at some of those rehearsals, kind of rooting the guys on. This is the new stuff that they were recording and putting together, so even though I haven’t been there since the 80s, I was kind of there in proxy, in that sense, a part of the band.”


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