family friend foe

Family – they’re the only people in our lives that we’re stuck with forever! We can pick our friends, we can to some level have a say in who we have as colleagues or our boss in the sense that we get have some choice in where we work. However, the fact that we’re related by blood to the members of our family isn’t something we can really change, much as we may wish we could at times.

The good news? This means that while others may come and go in our lives, our family will still be there. If we’re willing to invest a little bit of time in developing a good relationship with them, they can be a great support system when it seems like everything and everyone else in life is going crazy. In spite of this, we seem to have a tendency to put our friends before family. Worse yet, we often treat family members in ways we would never even consider treating a stranger, much less a friend. We often don’t even treat our family¬†with the common courtesy and level of politeness that we would someone we pass in the halls at school or work.

This is NOT the way that we should be doing things! If anything, we should be treating those within our family with even more consideration than those outside of our family. Family should be the people you can trust to have your back and rely on to be there for you, not the people who are the most challenging to get along with, who treat you worse than anyone else does.

In order for things to change, you need to start with considering how you treat those within your own family. Do you show them love and kindness, or are your words and actions lacking in civility? Begin by treating your parents and siblings the way you’d like them to treat you (Matthew 7:12)!


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