ftg love story

Do you love watching romantic movies with your friends where, no matter what kind of twists and turns the movie may take, the ending is always fairytale perfect? What about reading cute romantic novels where the guy and girl are passionately in love? Or listening to all the latest love songs? As girls, we love filling our heads with a constant stream of that kind of content. It helps fulfill our desire for an out-of-this-world love story of our own – a desire that we know, based on the reality of the world we live in, will likely never be truly met. How can it be, when the guys we know fall woefully short of our secret ideals?

What we fail to recognize is that this desire for an epic love story played out in our lives was put there by God. He Himself is the hero of our dreams, who gave up everything to be with us. Simply put, His work at the cross is the only thing that can truly fulfill our desire to be part of a perfect love story!

Is it wrong to watch a romance movie, read a good love story, or listen to our favorite love songs? The truth is that it all depends on their content. Des the movie, song, or novel portray the kind of love that honors and respects the other person, or is it focused on the world’s counterfeit version of over-the-top, uncontrolled emotion and doing whatever feels good at the moment? If your media choices are chalked full of the later, you may want to lay off of romance-focused media for a while.

Think about it like this – guys are visually-driven, so they sometimes view inappropriate content to try to satisfy their desires in a way they shouldn’t. In the same way, us girls sometimes try to satisfy our emotional desires by choosing super romantic media. This can, however, arouse feelings in us prematurely that are meant for a relationship with the person God has for us – obviously something to avoid!

Instead of turning to romantic media to have your longings for a great love story fulfilled, turn to your Heavenly Father and the real-life love story He’s inviting you to be part of!


I love reading, writing, photography, and music. I started Generation Arise as a way to encourage young people to arise and shine forth the light of God!