sibs friends

When you think of your siblings, what comes to mind? All of the arguments you’ve gotten into with them lately? The millions of ways that they annoy you? The rude comments they make? What about people who make you laugh, stand up for you, and are always there for you when you need them? Which picture sounds more like your family? Which one would you prefer?

Many siblings seem to have the idea that if you have brothers or sisters, it’s just a given that you’ll be constantly fighting and finding ways to get on each other’s nerves. While it’s fun to joke around with your siblings (even if it means annoying them a little bit sometimes :)), and if you’re around someone for long enough chance are you’ll argue at times, siblings shouldn’t be out to get each other. They should be the ones who stand up for each other, are there for you when you need help, and have got your back. In other words, siblings can actually make pretty great friends!

If you want to have your siblings as friends, however, you’ll need to invest some time and energy into your relationship with them. That may mean biting your tongue when you want to make a rude comment, going out of your way to do something kind for them on occasion, or clearing your schedule to spend an evening doing something you both enjoy. However, this really will pay off in the long run when they begin to do the same thing for you! ¬†Who knows – if you give it a try, you may even discover that you enjoy each other’s company!


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