Bad Day

Ever had a bad day where it seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong did? Maybe you overslept, were late for school or work, spilled your favorite expensive coffee drink all over the front of your shirt, got into an argument with someone over something stupid, and finally decided to head to bed, wishing the day would just be over already. Or maybe it was something more serious that really had you down – something you weren’t sure how you’d ever overcome.

In 1 Samuel 30, David was having one of those days – a bad day that seemed impossible to recover from. When he and his men returned from battle, he found out that enemies had kidnapped all of their wives and children. As if that wasn’t bad enough, David’s men were so angry that they wanted to kill him! David did something few of us would have done in this type of situation, however. Verse 6 says that he chose to encourage himself in God, finding strength in the Lord. He immediately asked God what he should do next. Because he did this, God was able to direct him, enabling them to regain their families and everything else their enemies had taken!

What do you think would have happened if David had reacted the way that most of us do when things go wrong -┬áby freaking out and falling apart? He probably wouldn’t have seen his family again for starters, and he may have even been killed by his own men. Encouraging himself in the Lord and seeking His direction may have literally saved his life!

Next time things aren’t going your way, choose to do as David did and draw strength and encouragement from your Heavenly Father. Remember all that He’s done for you in the past, chose to focus on His promises of help and protection, and ask for His direction. If you’ll do so, I guarantee the outcome will be far better than if you’d simply allowed yourself to fall to pieces!


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