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How did 1 Girl Nation get started?

Lindsey – We were actually four girls pursuing separate careers in the Christian music industry – different styles, but the same heart. Our manager, Andrew Patton, was putting together a girl group, and so, through the industry, we found out different ways about the auditions. So we came from all our different towns and had a week-long audition. There were originally 200 videos sent in, and 15 girls were invited to go to Nashville for the audition, and at the end of the week, us four were standing there. So that’s how we found out about 1 Girl Nation, and kind of how the whole thing got started.

I bet that must have been pretty intense, with 200 girls sending in videos, and everything!

Lindsey – It really was, and it’s so funny – we talk about it all the time, like it was a God thing – because we were in four separate rooms, different roommates of girls who didn’t even make the group, and we were separately on our hands and knees, praying to God, “God, if this is Your will, help it to happen, and if not, just take it away from us. Shut the door.” And so, we think that it’s such a cool, like ordained thing that we were all doing that at the same time, in different rooms, and didn’t even know it. We always say that we feel like God must have hand-picked us to be together, because we’re so different, and all have different hobbies, different lifestyles, and different likes and dislikes, and our voices are so different, but how great it works together  -  how our ministry speaks to so many different kinds of girls, and how our differences are what make us strong.

How did the group end up being called 1 Girl Nation? What’s the meaning behind the name?

Lindsey – We were thinking about a bunch of names for a while, and just praying about it, and trying to figure out something catchy and fun, yet something with a good meaning behind it. Originally, we thought of the name 5 Girl Nation, ‘cause it was 5 girls at the time. So, the reason why we landed on 1 Girl Nation was because we really felt like it was more about unity. It was about encouraging girls to put their differences aside, and to work together to do something great for Jesus. Also, another meaning behind the name is if you’re the one person who has to stand alone, you can do it, and you can start a fire, and just to be bold in that. So that’s kind of the meaning behind that name, and why we were sold on it.

I think pretty much, for any young person, there’s always that time when you have to stand alone.

Lindsey – We all have different stories of going through that at different times in our lives, and for me, in high school, a lot of it was feeling alone ‘cause I didn’t get invited to parties, or you know, things like that. I was a pastor’s kid growing up, so I kind of had that label over my head, but it’s really rewarding, and that’s what we like to encourage girls – is like yeah, right now, it seems hard to stand alone, but looking back, it was worth it , because I have classmates who I didn’t think really respected me, or knew me or anything, or didn’t like me, who have written me on Facebook years later, and have just been like “Thank you for being the real-deal Christian you said you are. You’ve really been the encouragement in my life to be bold in Christ.” And so, it really does pay off in the end. Looking back, you don’t want to have a bunch of regrets, and share your heart with too many people, and get into too many things you’re gonna regret. So that’s what we like to encourage girls, is that right now, it’s really hard, but it’s gonna pay off in the end.

What’s the number one message 1 Girl Nation is trying to get across through its music?

Lindsey – Once again, I think it’s about being bold for Jesus now, and not waiting ‘till you’re older, and I think sometimes, kids think – and even people in my generation – we think that we’re too young to do something huge for Christ, and the Bible talks about how you should have the faith of your youth, and, how our generation is gonna be the generation that rises up and changes things. That’s this generation! And so our message is to be bold now, to stand alone, and to love Jesus – and that’s it’s cool to love Jesus, that He’s gonna honor you for that, and give you many, many blessings. And not only that, but to tell others about Jesus, and to love one another. That’s our main message, and our goal behind our music.

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