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Is the group working on any new projects in the near future?

Lindsey – We are! We just finished recording our Christmas record, and it’s a five-song EP, and so that will be coming out around Octoberish. So that’s a couple of songs that are songs you know, but with a little 1 Girl Nation twist to them, and one original song, and a mashup of kind of an acapella thing that we’re really excited about. We’re also in the process right now of picking the songs for our second record. So its been really busy, really great, but we’re really excited about what the next record holds as well, because it’s kind of seeing a little bit deeper into seeing our heart behind the music at a different level. The first was kind of introducing ourselves, and what our message is, and now you get to hear on this next record the struggles that we’ve dealt with, and kind of, we like to say, the behind-the-scenes of all the glitter and all the prettiness that everyone sees, so we’re really excited about it all!

What Christian artists have influenced 1 Girl Nation musically? Are there any artists that have had an impact on your style of music, or what you write about?

Lindsey – Oh definitely! The really cool thing, again, is that we’ve all been influenced very differently by different Christian artists. Me personally – my writing style – I really, really admire Amy Grant. It was the first tape I ever had as a kid, and her writing has always just come from a very vulnerable place, and that’s really encouraged me to be open about where I am in life, and to write from a very vulnerable place. I feel like I’ve been able to do life with her, and understand where she’s at, and what God’s teaching her. We love Mandisa! She’s awesome, and has always been encouraging for us, every now and again like tweeted us, and said that she’s praying for us. She’s just been a really great friend through this all, and we’ve really felt her support, so we’re very influenced not only by her music, but just by her being the real deal she is. Those are some examples.

How do the strengths of each of the members of the group complement each other?

Lindsey – We actually lived in a house as soon as we got together for nine months straight, and so we got to know each other really fast, and we’re practically sisters now. When it comes down to our work, we all have really different strengths. I would say Lauryn Taylor is such a truly creative person. She is a really amazing writer. She’s my favorite to write with. She’s very inspired by nature. She’s a very artsy person. She thinks outside of the box. She is really crafty. The girl’s just really talented, in so many different ways! Her voice is super cool. It’s like really stylish, big – very cool! She’s kind of her own animal. She’s just unique, and it’s so funny – she doesn’t give herself enough credit. She’s always talking about how great we are, and the different strengths we have. She doesn’t ever realize how creative she is, and how awesome. Kayli is an incredible singer! Her influences are like Mariah Carrie, Stacie Orrico – all of those singers who can do all the licks and runs. She’s such a funny person, too. She’s just awesome! She does a lot of the big notes in our songs. She is really good at just getting in the studio, and being able to just off-the-cuff do a bunch of licks and runs, and stuff like that. So I would say that’s definitely her strength. Carmen is our choreographer. She actually grew up teaching dance, and was working at a studio before this. She is an amazing choreographer, and she’s actually a really great arranger, too.  And so I would say that those are some of the strengths of my friends.

Do you personally, or does the group, have any pre-show rituals or traditions? Anything you like to do before you go on stage?

Lindsey – Absolutely! We get a good vocal warm-up in. And so we normally spend about 30 minutes in vocal warm-up, and then about 10-15 minutes in just warming up our bodies. Then we just spend a while in prayer. God kind of called us out recently about not spending enough time with Him before shows. Every performance, we’re doing it as unto Him, but we weren’t putting that into action, and we weren’t spending enough time in prayer. We weren’t spending enough time in The Word, and listening to worship music, and you know, spending enough time getting poured into. So that’s a big element that we’ve really focused in on a little bit more recently, is just speeding time with the Lord, and listening to worship music. And then we have this silly little chant thing we do before we go on stage. We’re kind of like “1-1-1-1 Girl Nation! Wooh!”  And then we jump around and get pumped until the music starts. So that’s how our normal day would go.

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