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What has God shown you personally through being a part of 1 Girl Nation?

Lindsey –God has shown me so many things since I’ve been a part of 1 Girl Nation. Being now on the stage, it’s funny that I’ve realized how much I’ve needed Him in my life. I’ve realized how much I need  to hear from Him on a daily basis, and how much I need wisdom from Him, because we’re constantly pouring out, and if I’m not spending time with the Lord, then I have nothing to give girls. And so it’s really shaped my relationship with God. We’re a lot more intimate, and He’s shown me some really cool things in my life about ministry. From afar, before I even got into it, it seemed about yourself, and being in the spot light, and fame, but I didn’t realize how much ministry is really involved. I can tell you my favorite part of every show is the signing lines, because I get to talked to girls, and pour into them, and pray for them. God’s shown me that my story is more powerful than I thought, that I can relate with people, and that He can save lives through a 1 Girl Nation show. And also, just being able to be real, and learning about talking to my friends, and people in my life, about real struggles that I’m dealing with, and not being such a closed book, but being real with who I am. I realize that once you are just honest with one another, then you can help one another, and so us girls are trying to be super honest about what we’re going through in our lives, and to pray for one another, and so I think I’ve really learned a sense of friendship, and accountability.

What is it like having fans who love your music? Do you get a chance to meet them very often?

Lindsey – With social media and stuff now, we are actually able to be a lot more connected with our fans than probably before, when there wasn’t as much social media. The fan support’s amazing, and meeting these little girls who are influenced by the music, and meeting the moms who are “Thank you for doing this music out there,” it’s really an encouragement to us to keep doing what we’re doing. We couldn’t do this without them! They are the reason why we do it, and they’re the ones who keep us going, ‘cause sometimes, it’s hard being on the road all the time, and you look from afar, and you think that you’re making all this money, but we’re in the beginning. And we may never see the money, but that’s ok, because the ministry is so great, and getting to see these girl’s lives changed, and getting to pray with them, and seeing salvation, and getting to meet all these sisters in Christ, and people who just lift us up. I love our fans. They’re amazing!

Sounds so neat to be able to speak to the kids, and to the fans, personally!

Lindsey – It really is! A lot of the stuff we do is mother/daughter conferences, and so we get a lot of one-on-one time where we’re talking to girls about struggles, and things that we’ve all dealt with, and just relating with them. And then there’s times when we get to help the moms about what their daughters are going through – encouraging the moms to listen to what the girls are going through, and encouraging the girls to listen to what their moms have to say, because they’ve been there, too. So it’s been so awesome getting to do all the ministry side of everything. If our shows didn’t even change, and it never got bigger, and we still got to do this kind of ministry, I would be happy. I love it!

What is one piece of advice you would give to all young people?

Lindsey – The one thing I would tell every young person – #1, to be bold about their faith, to be strong, and to trust God for everything in their lives, because He really does have a plan, a future, and a hope. I know that times are hard sometimes, and you’re faced with all these pressures that the world’s telling you – to be to be a certain way, to dress a certain way, to be a certain size – and as exhausting as that is, we don’t have to worry about that, because Jesus says that we are a perfectly made in His image, and men look at the outward appearance, but God looks at our heart. I’d really encourage them to see themselves the way that Jesus sees them, and then I’d also really want to encourage them to guard their hearts, because sometimes it’s easy to give all the great parts of you away, and then with this culture telling you to date everybody, and to wear certain things, and to act a certain way, I feel like it’s such a place now where it’s almost expected of you. But I would encourage everyone out there to really guard their hearts, and make sure that God’s the one who has their hearts.

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