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(I was sent a free copy of Hillsong UNITED’s latest album, Wonder, by Capitol CMG. However, the views expressed in this article are my own unbiased opinion.)

Hillsong UNITED recently came out with a brand new worship album titled Wonder – their 5th studio album to date (in addition to several EPs and numerous live albums). The album opens on an upbeat note with the title track “Wonder,” which centers around the idea of seeing the world through eyes of wonder because you’ve been given new life – a perfect opening to the album, which sums its message up well. The following couple of songs maintain this upbeat, celebratory dynamic. “Future Marches In” looks to both the past and present as well as the future, assuring us that we need fear nothing from any of them because God has made freedom available to us.

Around “So Will I/100 Billion X” and “Splinters and Stones,” the album begins to take on a calmer, more reflective tone that’s perfect for worshiping our Heavenly Father. “So Will I/100 Billion X” sums up the message of the album up to that point when it states, “If creation sings Your praise, so will I.” “Greatest of These” is virtually 1 Corinthians 13 put to music, and “Water to Wine” winds up the album perfectly by emphasizing the importance of continuing in His love because He’s the only one who can truly satisfy – in short, though the album may be over, the worship continues on!

The album maintains a fresh, clean sound throughout. Its emphasis on pad and synth effects give it an almost ethereal feel. The songs contain layer upon layer musically, vocally, and dynamically, turning it into true art. Wonder contains a mix of more complex songs and simpler, stripped down moments that provide diversity. The lyrics bring the Scriptures to life through multiple references to Bible stories and verses, given in a way that applies them to the listener personally. Overall, it contains the polished, professional, versatile sound that Hillsong UNITED listeners love!

If you haven’t heard the album, I’d encourage you to take the time to listen to it today. Better yet, visit and enter to win a Wonder CD! (Giveaway provided courtesy of Capitol CMG.)



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