myth talent (2)

Have dreams you’d like to accomplish, but just don’t think you’re talented enough? Feel like God’s leading you in a certain direction, but aren’t sure whether you have what it takes to accomplish what it seems that He has for you? Does it seem like everyone around you is great at what they do while your abilities just don’t measure up? Wonder if you’re good enough, and aren’t sure how to find out the answer to that question?

God has something to say about the matter! Philippians 2:13 is the verse for you! It┬ástates that God is the One who works within you both the desire and the ability to accomplish what He desires! In other words, your giftings come from Him. You aren’t the source of your ability to perform well. He is, and if your ability is coming from Him, then you MUST be good enough to accomplish what He has for you!

Knowing this takes the pressure off of you and places it on Him – and He’s more than able to bear that pressure! Paul describes this idea further in Ephesians 3:7, where he states that he became the apostle he was through the gift of God’s grace, given through His amazing power at work within Paul’s life! The same holds true for you. You won’t achieve the great things God has for you by struggling and striving on your own. The talents and ability to walk out God’s plan for you are a gift of His grace (which you can’t do anything to earn!), given to you through HIs power. In other words, it’s not dependent on you. All you need to do is receive that ability from Him!

Moses found that out in His life. God called to him from a burning bush, instructing him to lead the Israelites out of slavery, speaking to Pharoah on their behalf. Moses demurred, claiming that he wasn’t good at speaking.┬áThis frustrated God, who reminded Moses that He was the Creator, and offered to help him to speak well and teach him what to say. In spite of this, Moses continued to protest. Often, we act like Moses, discouting ourselves from things that God has called us to. However, just like Moses’ ability to speak was to have come from God’s enabling, not from himself, our ability to follow the path God has for us comes from Him, as well. As a matter of fact, 2 Corinthians 3:5 states that our competency comes from God, not self. He delights in using the weak and foolish to confound the (supposedly) wise and strong (1 Cor 1:27). Let’s stop acting like Moses – disqualifiying ourselves from tasks that God has called us to – accept His power, and start living out the amazing life that He has for us!





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