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Do you love the Christmas season, and all of the festivities that are a part of it? Do you love celebrating our Savior at Christmastime?Check out Kirk Cameron’s new movie, Saving Christmas!

In the movie, Kirk Cameron shows how all of the holiday traditions that we know and love actually point to Jesus, the One who’s birth we are celebrating! Kirk Cameron’s sister is hosting a fun Christmas party, and everyone’s enjoying themselves . . . except for one – her husband, Christian. He feels that Christmas has become about nothing more than a celebration with a bunch of pagan symbols and customs that are far from pointing to Jesus. As it says in the movie, “Some people are determine to see the worst in even the best of things,” and Christian is definitely one of them!

Kirk Cameron decides to show Christian how all of traditions and customs that he’s afraid will distract people from the real “reason for the season” – our Savior – can actually remind us of Him! The movie gives some neat insight into our favorite Christmas symbols, and shows us new ways to remember Jesus’ birth through them.

Humorous and engaging, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas focuses the attention back on Christ. The movie reminds us of the reason for our celebration – that the Son of God came to save us! The movie is in theaters for two weeks, starting November 14. (As the credits roll, you will hear 1 Girl Nation‘s original Christmas song, “Joy!”) Are you planning to go see it with your family?

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