As we go about our daily lives,circumstances will often pop up,that can leave us feeling sad, hurt, angry, frustrated, confused, or condemned. These feelings often lead us to react in an unwise manner, making an already negative situation even worse. This can lead to full-fledged drama – something which none of us really have time for among all of the necessary, beneficial, and productive things we have to get done.

When life isn’t going our way, it’s natural for negative feelings to arise within us. We can’t always, however, let those negative feelings lead us. We need to chose instead to lead our feelings! We need to make the decision to do what’s right – which will often be the exact opposite of what we’d like to do – regardless of how we feel. This is what demonstrates true courage, maturity, and growth, setting us apart from those around us. It demonstrates that we trust in God to take care of the situation for us rather than trying to deal with it ourselves.

The fact that God is on our side is what enables us to do this. It’s why we can behave in a different manner from those around us – because we have something that they don’t (a Heavenly Father who is working on our behalf). We need to recognize that He is far better able to deal with whatever is being thrown our way than we are, and therefore determine to leave it to Him. If we’re willing to do that, it will be far easier for us to do what’s right rather than what we feel like doing. Our unusual response to difficult situations will demonstrate our faith in Him to others. On top of that, we will experience far better results than if we’d reacted poorly, as He does what only He can do!

Whatever you’re going through, choose to trust the circumstance to God. Know that He cares about you, and will go to work on your behalf if you’ll let Him. Believe in His love for you, and do things His way instead of the world’s!



I love reading, writing, photography, and music. I started Generation Arise as a way to encourage young people to arise and shine forth the light of God!