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What led up to “Welcome To Daylight” being in Grace Unplugged?

Sam – It was really the movie production company. They worked with Capitol Christian Music Publishing, and they had kind of pushed for it to be in it. It was really just a cool thing to where it worked with the scene. We actually didn’t know – sometimes we’re the last people to find out about this stuff, ‘cause we’re always writing something new, or touring, or on the road. So I got a call from one of the guys at our publishing company, and they’re like “Hey, just so you know, there’s a movie coming out, and you guys got a” – they call it like a 2 ½ minute feature, ‘cause sometimes it’s like a 30 second clip. It was pretty much the whole song, so that was really cool – that they used it, it worked well with the film, and it made the scene make sense.

What was it like having one of your songs in the movie, and what did it mean to you as a band?

Sam – It was really cool, because we never really thought about being a band that got our songs into film. That’s kind of the toughest thing on my heart, is the whole story of Grace Unplugged – somebody struggling with the fame vs what God has called them to do. That’s my story. Come Home is about that, ‘cause I was out in LA trying to do all that stuff when I was younger, and then I felt like God was kinda telling me “What are you doing? You’re trying to do this for yourself,” and so I was all about the plotline. It was really cool to see it come to life!

How does “Welcome To Daylight” compliment the theme of Grace Unplugged, and fit into the storyline? How does what the song is about fit into the dynamics of Grace settling into her life in California?

Sam – The way I translated it when I saw it was she had kind of been sheltered her whole life, and she was being exposed to LA, and it was kind of like a “welcome to reality” kind of thing – like every thing’s in the light, and it’s out there in the open. I’d say the theme of the song really goes at the end, whenever the light does break through, and she sees who she really is, and what she’s meant to be. I just kind of see it as a foreshadowing of the ending.

What is the story behind “Welcome to Daylight?” What inspired you to write it originally?

Sam –It was mainly just this idea of what’s it like to open your eyes for the first time. The whole concept was whenever you open your eyes for the first time, think about how mind-blown you are at how beautiful everything is, and how life isn’t as bad as we think it is, due to certain circumstances. The song is really just about knowing that if your eyes are open, and you’re seeing through the eyes of God, nothing can pull you down really, unless you let it. You have the authority through the Holy Spirit to say “No, I’ve seen the light. I know what’s going on.” There’s a line in the song that says “Darkness ends when you leave it all behind.” It’s all about leaving behind what it was like to be blind, and saying “No, I’m glad that I can see. I can see through the eyes of God. I see the reality. I see there is pain, but I also see there is joy for that pain. I see there are hardships, but there’s victory in the end.” So it’s really neat to see how that panned out. We honestly didn’t know we were going with it when we started. That’s
how an idea happens. You just have a little spark, and you just keep writing until it’s a song.

How can you guys relate to the story of Grace Unplugged?

Sam –It was that kind of a story for me. I was out in LA when I was between 21 and 23 years old. I was still in Luminate, but I was flying out to LA for like a week out of every month. Doors just started opening to where I was playing with country artists, some pop artists, and kind of using the excuse of “Well, God wants me to be a light in a dark place” kind of a thing. In all reality, I was actually avoiding that God had given me the call of Luminate on my heart since I was 14. He allowed me to experience all that stuff, but He also showed me through the people I came in contact with that nothing changes, really. Even though you’ve reached that point, they still had questions. They still got hurt. They still weren’t fully fulfilled. They were still confused on why they were even doing what they were doing. There’s a lot of people that were struggling with abuse of substances, and stuff like that. It was like “So this is the end? This is the peak?” So the Grace Unplugged story was literally my story.


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