Seventh Day Slumber

Seventh Day Slumber recently came out with their latest album, Found. The album maintains a primarily rock style, laden with heavy electric leads and driving drum rhythms. Found paints a vivid image of the heartache and despair in which so many in our culture have become entrenched. However, the picture isn’t hopeless – this message is coupled with a continual reminder that even in the darkest of times, there IS hope, and it’s found in our Savior! Songs such as “Found” and “‘Til The End” provide a more reflective, worshipful atmosphere and remind us to praise our Heavenly Father in all circumstances for His love and grace!

The album starts off with the upbeat rock song “The Sky Is Falling.” It sums up the album in a nutshell – things may not be going the way you’d like them to, but that’s no reason to give up. This song is followed by “Horizon,” which encourages listeners to look ahead towards the hope of a brighter future. “Found” reminds us of where we’d be without God, and of what He’s done to pull us out of the tough situations find ourselves in. In winds up with “My Last Words,” which leads us to reflect on what we would say with our last words, prompting us to praise our Heavenly Father. It ends the album on a worshipful note, demonstrating that though the album might be at its end, that’s no reason to stop worshipping Him!

Fans of Seventh Day Slumber will love their latest album Found, and first-time listeners will be attracted to their upbeat, hardcore style. Have you heard the album yet? If so, which song is your favorite?



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