Going through a tough situation, and not sure how to handle it? Don’t know what to do about it, or even if you can do anything at all? Feel like things are spinning out of control, and you can’t get it to stop? Here are some ideas to help you out!

First of all, realize that whatever you’re facing is NOT from God! If you’re dealing with something that’s hurting you, there’s no way it’s from Him. His plans aren’t to harm but rather to prosper you (Jeremiah 29:11), and everything that’s from Him is GOOD (James 1:17)! If it’s not from God, then were is it coming from? Sometimes we make choices that have negative consequences, sometimes other people make poor choices that impact us – unfair as that is, and other times things just happen because we live in a world where all isn’t as God desires (it’s been that way ever since Adam and Eve chose to disobey Him, and sin entered the picture).

The good news is that since it’s NOT from God, you aren’t just stuck with whatever you’re facing! Jesus gave His life to redeem you from sin and its effects, and to provide a way out of what you’re dealing with. If you’ll chose to place your faith in Him, He CAN and WILL turn things around, paying you back above and beyond for all that you’ve suffered. Instead of blaming Him, run to Him and allow Him to rescue you!

After you’ve chosen to trust God to save you from the difficult circumstances that have come your way, determine to encourage yourself in the Lord (1 Samuel 20:6). Strengthen yourself through His Word. Find a promise that applies to your situation, and hold onto it when things aren’t going your way. Speak it over your life. Draw hope and peace from it. (Rest assured that as you do so, you WILL see it come to pass, for according to Isaiah 55:11, God’s Word accomplishes its mission.)

Last of all, pay attention to what’s coming out of your mouth because our words reflect what we really believe. Think about it like this – God created the entire world with His Words. Since we are created in His image (Genesis 1:2&), our words contain that same creative power to impact our world. Just as God called what was not as though it was (Rom 4:17), chose to speak words of faith that reflect God’s promises and what you want to see rather than what you’re currently facing, and use that principle to your advantage!

Regardless of your situation, with God, there’s always hope. Instead of turning from Him, stick close to Him, and witness a major turnaround!

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