Thanksgiving trivia

How much do you know about the Thanksgiving holiday? Test you knowledge with these trivia questions!

Questions -

  1. What year did the first Thanksgiving celebration between the Pilgrims and the Indians take place?
  2. Why did the Pilgrims celebrate that first Thanksgiving?
  3. How long did the first Thanksgiving feast last?
  4. What year did Thanksgiving become an official federal holiday?
  5. Who declared the first official federal Thanksgiving Day celebration?
  6. Thanksgiving is celebrated on what Thursday of November?
  7. Who established that Thursday of November as the official dateĀ for Thanksgiving?

Answers -

  1. 1621.
  2. To give thanks to God for a bountiful harvest.
  3. For three days.
  4. 1863.
  5. Abraham Lincoln.
  6. The fourth Thursday of November.
  7. Franklin D. Roosevelt

How many of the questions did you get right? Share in the comments below!


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