The Enemy Is Defeated!

In all good movies, there’s a hero who sweeps in and saves the day, defeating the bad guy!

Did you know that the same thing has taken place in real life? The villain – the bad guy from the beginning – is the devil. Right from the start, he was against the people God had created. In the Garden of Eden, his lies convinced the first man and woman to sin against God, resulting in years of chaos and turmoil. Poverty sprang into being. Sickness and disease invaded the earth. Death became a part of life. Things were no longer as God had wanted them to be.

Thousands of years later, a Hero entered the scene, with a plan to defeat this enemy of mankind once and for all. Though He was the Son of God, few recognized who He was.  This Hero went about doing miracles – walking on water, healing the sick, raising the dead, and more – and showing people the heart of God for them, yet He was nailed to a cross by the very people He came to save. This seeming twist of fate, however, was His plan of rescue put into action. Before He breathed His last, He cried out “It is finished.” (John 19:30). Sickness and disease met their end. Poverty and lack were conquered. Death was overcome. Our enemy, the devil, was finally defeated!

Though he has been defeated, the devil likes to lie to us, and try to get us to think that he really hasn’t been conquered. So often, we fall for his deception. Always remember that because of what Jesus has done, the devil really has been defeated, and when you resist him, he must flee (James 4:7)!


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