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horvatsThis November, give thanks for the greatest gift of – Jesus! We have the privilege of knowing about what He did for us – that He died for our sins, so that we could have a relationship with god. Not everyone knows this good news. God wants all of us to share it with others, but He calls some people to be missionaries, and devote their entire lives to sharing the gospel with those who haven’t heard it. Have you ever wondered what it is like for these missionaries? You’re about to find out!

Aaron and Winnie Horvat are missionaries to a country called Croatia. Croatia was under Communist rule for a number of years. The after effects of Communism still remain, effecting the country and the people. The country’s main language is Croatian, but students study 8 years of English.

The Horvats have a little boy named Kiki. They work mainly with the teens of Croatia. They hold youth group meetings on Saturdays, and a Bible study on Thursdays. They also host open-mic nights, which usually include a gospel presentation, or some one’s testimony. They have done street ministry, and some of the teens they minister to have gotten to pray with other young people who have wanted to receive Jesus! Winnie has a degree in theater, and as a part of their ministry, they perform dramas that share the gospel in public schools.

Aaron and Winnie both felt the call to missions when they were young. A youth leader felt impressed by God to speak to Aaron about being called to missions when he was a teenager. He later found out that his last name, Horvat, was linked to the Croatian word for the country of Croatia. At the age of 17, Winnie saw an article that demonstrated the tension and hatred between the Croatians and a country next to them. The article caused her to just start crying and crying for no apparent reason. She later recognized this as a call to be a missionary to Croatia.

A normal day of ministry for the Horvats includes preparing for the Saturday youth group meetings and Thursday Bible study, including preparing a meal for the students to eat before the Bible study begins, prayer time on Saturday mornings, and building maintenance. The part of Croatia they live in is very wet, so there’s always lots of flooding to deal with.¬†Winnie describes life for the Croatian people as hard and cold, and Aaron adds that the Croatians take life at a slower pace, but there are constant reminders of war and distrust in everyday scenes of life. The people of Croatia need the hope that is found in Jesus, and Aaron and Winnie Horvat are working to bring that hope to them.

What do you think it would be like to reach out to people in another country for God? Have you ever been on a missions trip – either in the US, or somewhere else in the world? What was it like?

Here is a video of a missions trip that some of the young people the Horvats minster to went on.


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