What if I told you that I know the secret to enjoying a┬áhealthy, happy, awesome life that everyone around you would envy? Would you believe 1 simple strategy that anyone can follow could bring about those kind of results? It isn’t a gimmick. There is no catch. It’s something that many fail to do and few understand – choosing to agree with what God’s Word says about you and the life that you live!

Now I know what you’re thinking – “That’s it? What kind of a joke is this?!? Doesn’t everyone who believes in Jesus know that God’s Word is true, and therefore agree with what it says?” The answer, sadly, is no. Most believers see God has a harsh, wrathful, exacting Sovereign who goes around causing or at least allowing all of life’s tragedy to teach His creation a lesson. This, however, is far from His true nature. While He did institute rules and punish His people for breaking them in the Old Testament, the fact that Jesus took our sins upon Himself and gave HIs life for us changed everything! Jesus kept the rules for us, and accepted the punishment that we deserved. Because He did this, God now offers us love, right standing with Him, and blessings we don’t┬ámerit based not on our actions but on whether we’ve put our faith in His Son!

That’s right – God has an entire load of blessings waiting for you, no strings attached! His Word promises you health (Ps 103:3), prosperity – both financial and otherwise (Is 60:5, Jer 33:3), favor that sets you apart from those around you (Ps 5:12), joy (Is 51:11), protection (Ps 91), and an all-around abundant life (Jn 10:10)! However, He isn’t going to force it upon you. You need to choose to have faith in what His Word has to say, agreeing what His promises rather than your current circumstances, if you want to see all that He has for you come to pass.

Few of us are willing to look past what’s happening to us and believe that God has something better in store. Instead, we just accept whatever life throws our way. Dare to be different by choosing to agree with what God’s Word has to say, putting your faith in His promises, and experiencing that healthy, happy, awesome life that He has planned for you!



I love reading, writing, photography, and music. I started Generation Arise as a way to encourage young people to arise and shine forth the light of God!