reality check

In today’s society, so many people are totally fixated on emotions. How they feel about a situation, how what they say and do may affect how othersĀ feel about them, making sure that what everything they say is politically correct so that no one’s feelings get hurt – the list goes on and on. (People are actually beginning to wisen up to this fact and realize that if something frustrates them, all they have to do is say that it made them feel bad, and whoever is behind it will be in big trouble – a dark road that can only end in manipulation and chaos!) What those who are so emotionally-focused have forgotten, however, is that life isn’t about feelings. It’s about reality, and choosing how you’re going to respond to what’s actually going on, not how you’re going to try to penalize those you’re angry with by complaining!

We all need a MAJOR reality check! Our emotions are very rarely an accurate reflection of what’s really happening. Some emotions honestly shouldn’t be validated because they spring from lies and misconceptions believed by the one feeling them, not on the truth, and truth is the only solid foundation to build your life upon. The only real source of truth is God’s Word (Jn 17:17).

Don’t like how you’re feeling? Dig into God’s Word and experience the transformation of your emotions to line up with the truth contained with it! Oftentimes, not only will your feelings about a situation change, but the situation itself will begin to turn around as you begin to focus your attention on the miracle-working power of God. It’s a win-win proposition!


I love reading, writing, photography, and music. I started Generation Arise as a way to encourage young people to arise and shine forth the light of God!