grace (2)

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the word “grace” tossed around. So many believers use this word all the time, yet so few understand what it really means. There’s more to it than most of us realize. It’s what sets us apart from the world around us. It’s what gives us hope and joy in the middle of a dark world. It’s something God has shown to each of us, and wants us to understand and recognize.

The concept of grace is pretty simple, but it’s difficult to understand because it flies in the face of the way things are typically done in this world. When we’re dealing with other people, “What goes around comes around,” -  they treat us according to what our actions deserve. With God, however, the rules are totally different. With Him, we get the exact opposite of what our actions merit. Instead of giving us the bad things we deserve because of the mistakes we’ve made, He gives us all of the good gifts we don’t deserve and never could. Health, healing, financial prosperity, joy, peace, unconditional love, success in every area of life – these things and more are all available to us, with no strings attached. We simply need to believe, and be willing to receive God’s blessings!

Think it’s got to be harder than that – that it can’t possibly be that simple? Actually, it is! The only requirement to qualify for God’s grace is the faith to take Him at His word! All you must do is simply believe in it, and be willing to accept all of the wonderful blessings God has for you! Put your trust in what He’s said, and begin to live an amazing, grace-filled life today!


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