GND2 2

Have you seen God’s Not Dead 2 yet? If so, did you leave before the credits were over? If you went and saw the movie but left before the end of the credits, you missed out on a scene that might have been meant to foreshadow a God’s Not Dead 3, and give us a hint as to what such a movie would be about!

God’s Not Dead 2 tells the story of Grace, a high school teacher who is put on trial with the potential to lose everything, all because she dared to mention the name of Jesus within the walls of a classroom while answering a student’s question. As a subplot in the movie, a subpoena is issued commanding pastors to turn in transcripts of their sermons for the past 6 months. Pastor Dave, who’s a jury member for Grace’s case, struggles with this demand. He ends up writing a letter explaining why he can’t comply, and turning that in instead.

In the scene that takes place after the credits, several police officers show up and arrest Pastor Dave for refusing to turn in transcripts of his sermons. Martin and Pastor Dave’s missionary friend were with him when this happened. Martin asks the missionary what they’re to do now, and he says pray. That’s the end of the scene. It doesn’t tell what happens to Pastor Dave after his arrest, which raises a couple of questions. First of all, was this done intentionally to make a point, resulting in us just being left hanging, or is Pureflix planning on coming out with a third God’s Not Dead movie? Also, if there is a God’s Not Dead 3, will it be centered around what happens to Pastor Dave, or will it have a different primary focus?

What do you think? Will there be a God’s Not Dead 3? What should it be about? And what will happen to Pastor Dave as a result of his bold decision? Looks like we’ll have to stay tuned to find out!


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